Normalplanet (Småbakkan) | Buldring i Tromsø
A popular sector around the characteristic "Normalsteinen" - a cube shaped boulder which is cut in two. Only 300m from the road along a small path.


7 år i dalen 7A+ Normalsteinen. As Hjørnet, but elimates the undercling, using only the arête. (6B for people feeling tall.)
Hot Spot 7A+ Lorentz Mandal Rock: 2014. Start to the right of "Hot Shot", steep crimpy start with the same finish as "Hot Shot", or dynoe towards the arête.
Gamle Rev 6C+ Jørgen Drangfelt, Øystein Andresen Rock: Rallarsteinen. Balance act up the left side of the corner.
Arch Enemy 6C Rock: Skipsskroget. Sitstart on obvious arch.
Flåklypa 6C Jørgen Drangfelt, Øystein Andresen Rock: Flåklypa. Start on jugs, left to double slopers, exit slightly right to sensational pinch.
Kranes Krimp 6B Bjørn Krane Rock: Flåklypa. Long reach to finish. Two variations: left hand on sidepull (direct exit) or right hand on poor crimp on same sidepull (left exit).
No name 6B Normalsteinen. Thin slab without arête. Easier for giants.
Hjørnet 6A+ Jørgen Drangfelt, Øystein Andresen Normalsteinen. Arête + right hand undercling.
Krimp-til-slope 6A+ Øystein Andresen Normalsteinen. Crimpy akward moves up to slopy holds on the south face.
Nøkken 6A+ Jørgen Drangfelt, Øystein Andresen Rock: Rallarsteinen. Power/ balance move up to the top.
2014 2 6A K. Olsen, Marianne Blom Brodersen Rock: 2014. Up using obvious undercling.
Hot Shot 6A Marius Martenson Rock: 2014. Start on the rock at the centre of the south face, climb diagonally up right using a distinct side pull.
Jan-Eriks Krimp 6A Jan Erik Paulsen Rock: Flåklypa. Crimpy vertical face, stay on! Sitstart is a very hard project.
Kanten 6A Normalsteinen. Sitstart up the corner, awkward direct finish.
Maurpadden 6A Rock: Maurpadden. Out the overhang.
Myreng 6A Rock: Maurpadden. Start slightly right of the overhang.
Myrhäng 6A Mårten Blixt Rock: Maurpadden. Traverse in from left, then out the overhang.
Nisja 6A Rock: Skipsskroget. Sitstart more right in recess, up crimps and slopers.
No Name 6A Lorentz Mandal Rock: Splitt. Sitstart, up the slightly overhanging face on the left boulder.
Rallarn 6A K. Olsen, Marianne Blom Brodersen Rock: Rallarsteinen. Sitstart: 6B+. Sitstart without using the arête to the left: 6C+. Hard crackclimbing!
Svatvå 6A Rock: Splitt. Slab on the left of the crack, without using it.
Svimmel 6A Normalsteinen. Start at the corner and traverses rightwards around the whole boulder. Halvsvimmel (5+) is the same, but traverses leftwards.
2014 1 5+ Rock: 2014. Sitstart up good holds on the steep and short west side.
Ene og Alene 5+ Rock: Maurpadden. Sitstart on slopers, follow edge without using holds on the right wall.
Knekkebrød 5+ Normalsteinen. Straight up on thin fragile holds. The hardest 5+ of the world?!
Krystallkrimpen 5+ Jørgen Drangfelt Rock: Rallarsteinen
No Name 5+ Rock: Skipsskroget. Sitstart using good holds, straight up.
One move wonder 5+ Normalsteinen. Long reach for poor crimps.
Svaet 5+ Rock: Splitt. Slab without using the large crack.
Flaket 5 Normalsteinen. Just right of "Risset".
No Name 5 Rock: Splitt. Traverse along the horizontal crack, then up.
Nullkraft 5 Rock: P-Vakten. Sitstart, lists and cracks..
Risset 5 Normalsteinen. Classical finger crack.
Trappa 5 Rock: Skipsskroget. Sitstart down left in recess, straight up.
Tømmeltotten 5 Normalsteinen. Slab on the north face. The left elimination variant is 6A.
Veldig normal 5 Normalsteinen. Most climbed problem in the valley? Technical footwork and underclings.
Østkanten 5 Normalsteinen. Right corner of the large crack.
Kanten 4+ Rock: Flåklypa. Up the corner.
Bare se, men ikke røre 4 Rock: Maurpadden. No hands, diagonally up to the top.
Fellesferie 4 Rock: P-Vakten. Start by the edge in the face, goes sligthly right.
Gladlaksen 4 Halgeir Nyheim Rock: Tanbreddens Ungdom. Climb the right edge, sitstart from rock in the stream!
Halvmånerisset 4 Rock: Splitt. Undercling and up the arching crack.
Jammerisset 4 Rock: Skipsskroget. Clearly define crack.
Ljåen 4 Rock: Splitt. Climb the obvious flake.
Mammaperm 4 Rock: Tanbreddens Ungdom. Up left side of the wall.
Medriss 4 Rock: Splitt. Up the huge crack.
Mumin Traversen 4 Synne Øien Stensland Rock: 2014. Travers around the block.
No name 4 Normalsteinen. Up the corner.
No name 4 Normalsteinen. Thin crack, goes slightly left and up.
No Name 4 Rock: Splitt. Same start as the neighbor, but follow the crack straight up.
Nordvesthjørnet 4 Rock: Skipsskroget
Nordøsthjørnet 4 Normalsteinen. Layback up along the corner.
Publikumsfrieri 4 Rock: P-Vakten. Sitstart, traverse right along ledge to the corner and then up.
Pussur 4 Bettina Aasnæs Rock: Tanbreddens Ungdom. Leftmost crack, sitstart.
Ryggsekken 4 Rock: P-Vakten. Sitstart on slopers about 1m from the corner to the right.
Strenge Regler 4 Bettina Aasnæs Rock: Tanbreddens Ungdom. Climb the slab between the cracks, without the cracks, sitstart.
Symaskinen 4 Rock: Flåklypa. Straight up.
Trimmen 4 Rock: Skipsskroget. Sitstart, follow corner up left.
Vestkanten 4 Normalsteinen. Left corner of the large crack.
Bare Behn 3 Rock: P-Vakten. No hands slab.
Enkelt og Greit 3 Rock: P-Vakten. Start in the middle of the face, straight up.
Kort og Godt 3 Rock: P-Vakten. Same start as "Publikumsfrieri", but straight up.
No name 3 Normalsteinen. Begins with good holds, up and towards the right.
No name 3 Normalsteinen. Nice crack just right of the chimney.
Rampen 3 Normalsteinen. Easy ramp, best downclimb from the boulder.
Rutesnappern 3 Audun Igesund Rock: Tanbreddens Ungdom. Rightmost crack.
Skoddedyr 3 Rock: Flåklypa. Goes diagonally left.
Slab 3 Rock: Flåklypa
Slab 3 Rock: Maurpadden