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Ikaros 8A Rock: Groove Salad. Dyno
Reisen til julestjernen 7C+ espen samuelsen Rock: Drømmesteinen. Beautiful... and f**king hard!
Borti natta 7B Rock: 7b Steinen. Sitstart, follow the obvious line out on bad holds (power!). This was the nr 1 project for many years, until a red haired and sharp tongued maniac (better known as DJ Calva) sent it.
No name 7B Rock: Mathias-Steinen. Start on sidepulls and traverse right on slopers. Eliminate, but nice enough in it's own right.
DJ Krimp 7A+
Øystein Andresen (1 ascent) Rock: Krimp. Crimp fest
Midt imellom ingenting 7A+ Rock: Flomsteinen. Crimpy problem between "Våte drømmer" and "Reddharen". Starts with right hand on side pull on "Reddharen" reaching to small crimpers and dyno to the top.
Aléatoire 7A
espen samuelsen, Øystein Andresen (1 ascent) Rock: Aléatoire. Sitstart, awkward traverse to the right, round the corner and up. Beautiful!
Grottesque low-start 7A Øystein Andresen Rock: Grottesque. Deep sitstart.
No name 7A Rock: Mathias-Steinen. Start low and climb straight up. Powerful and cool.
Ryggstrekker'n 7A Rock: Ørnulf. Sitstart on obvious block. Technical and heavy via undercling.
Finskebuldern 6C+ Rock: Finskebulderen. Crimpy line on the boulder next to Grottesque
Fytti katta 6C+
(1 ascent) Rock: 7b Steinen. Sitstart, up to undercling, then along the edge out right and up.
Lucky Strike 6C+ Marius Martenson Rock: Grottesque. Sitstart on the right and direct dyno
Sus i shortsen 6C+ Lorentz Mandal Rock: Sus & serk. Sitting start 1.5m right of "Sus i serken". Power up on side pulls to jugs, same finish as "Sus".
DBLM (Catch Liquorice) 6C Marius Martenson Rock: Snus. Catch (double) left from good hold to the top of the wall.
Edgeclinger 6C Øystein Andresen Rock: Edgeclinger. Technical and powerful move out the roof.
Høyspenning 6C Rock: Groove Salad. Exposed under cling.
Shewolf 6C Mårten Blixt Rock: Groove Salad. Sitdown start on the bow-like corner facing down the valley (east). Variant without the holds to the right of the corner.
Skruff 6C espen samuelsen Rock: Skruf. Sitstart, climb on the edge out right.
Sus i serken 6C Øystein Andresen Rock: Sus & serk. Start on the left corner, to crimps up to a scary finish.
Blue Master 6B+ espen samuelsen Rock: Snus. Sitsart, straight up the face.
Har en drøm 6B Lorentz Mandal, Marius Martenson Rock: Drømmesteinen. Power up the crack, either launch for the corner to the right, or step delicately up.
Klam i hakket 6B Rock: Sus & serk. Straight up from a characteristic hold in the crack.
No name 6B Lorentz Mandal, Marius Martenson Rock: Drømmesteinen. Sitstart and travers right. Two versions, lower version follows the distinct crack of "Har en drøm", and catches out to the good corner. Upper version follows the top.
Travers Enligt Lorentz 6B Lorentz Mandal Rock: Groove Salad. Awkward traverse. Start far right on the face, finish just above the start of "Superworld".
Trikky 6B Rock: Ørnulf. Sit down start, then up the left leaning diagonal crack. Original exit right, direct exit possible.
Grottesque 6A+ Øystein Andresen Rock: Grottesque. Crouching start on the obvious jug and traverse the thin crack to the right.
Egoisten 6A Øystein Andresen Rock: Sus & serk. Right arête. With elimination for the left hand crimp on the wall: 6A+.
Fjellbeck 6A Marius Martenson Rock: Fjes. Straight up the obvious corner.
General 6A Marius Martenson Rock: Snus. Same start as "Ettan", but go to right on small holds.
Gorgias 6A espen samuelsen, Øystein Andresen Rock: Aléatoire. Sitstart, straight up to the same finish as "Aléatoire".
Halgeir Traversen 6A Rock: Groove Salad. Start on good holds, and traverse right, same finish as "Halgeir Hjørnet".
Hjertestans 6A Rock: Le cæur. Sitdown start using two distinctive sidepulls. Follow the edge to the top (rightwards).
Maxilaris 6A Marius Martenson Rock: Fjes. Face climbing, slightly left.
No name 6A Rock: Mathias-Steinen. Start on sidepulls and climb straight up.
Redddharen 6A Mårten Blixt Rock: Flomsteinen. Start on small crimps half-way up.
Superworld 6A Mårten Blixt Rock: Groove Salad. Start on a small ledge on the north face, traverse out left on small holds, same finish as "Shewolf". Straight up: 6A.
Våte Drømmer 6A Marius Martenson Rock: Flomsteinen. A classic. Sitstart on the arching ledge on the northeast side, head slightly left.
Wet T-shirt Contest 6A Øystein Andresen Rock: Flomsteinen. Awkward start on small undercling, reach far for a good list straight up.
Bjørn-Vegards 5+ Bjørn-Vegard Gamst, Jørgen Drangfelt Rock: Sus & serk. Nice thin crack in the middle of the bulge.
Ettan 5+ Marius Martenson Rock: Snus. Sitstart, straight up the wall close to the right edge.
Høydeskrekk 5+ Rock: Ørnulf. With the potential of a classics, this boulder shares the start as "Tricky" but leads you out on an excellent traverse to the right. Around the corner and up the slab.
No Name 5+ Rock: Ørnulf. Two possible starts.
Brattsvaet 5 Rock: Le cæur. Starts on a bright horizontal area on the right part of the slab, straight up.
Håvards høne 5 Håvard Nesheim Rock: Krimp. Up small corner between the arête and the obstruction to the left.
No name 5 Mårten Blixt Rock: Krimp. Power through good holds, far right on a serie of small ledges.
No name 5 Mårten Blixt Rock: Krimp. Same start as the left neighbour, but head right into good side pull, lever out and power up.
No name 5 Lorentz Mandal, Marius Martenson Rock: Drømmesteinen
No name 5 Lorentz Mandal, Marius Martenson Rock: Drømmesteinen. Climb the small groove.
Svaet 5 Rock: Le cæur. Straight up slab to the right of "Returruta".
Agurknøtt 4+ Rock: Den glemte steinen. Starts on good edge. Long move to jug.
B-V Mantelen 4+ Rock: Groove Salad. Classic mantle problem
Grillkanten 4+ Rock: Le cæur. Start just right of "Grillkrimpen", and follows the right edge.
No name 4+ Jørgen Drangfelt Rock: Krimp. Marvelous. Sitstart on obvious under cling, follow the crack.
No name 4+ Rock: Krimp. Climb on good holds just left of the corner.
Frem fra glemselen 4 Rock: Den glemte steinen. A couple of delicate starting moves.
Fremtidsminneforeningen 4 Rock: Den glemte steinen. No-hands slab.
Grillkrimpen 4 Rock: Le cæur. Start in the middle of the wall, climb through the heart.
No name 4 Øystein Andresen Rock: Krimp. Easy climbing up a crack.
No name 4 Rock: Krimp. Obvious obstruction, best downclimb from the boulder.
Nordryggen 4 Rock: Le cæur. Sitdown start on good layback, follow the edge.
Rundturen 4 Rock: Kremtoppen. Sitstart on jug. Travers around the rock without using any holds above the edge.
Diedret 3 Rock: Le cæur. Obvious dihedral/crack.
Grobian 3 Rock: Den glemte steinen. Straight up to where the slab is at its highest.
Krydderhylla 3 Rock: Le cæur. Just around the corner on a good ledge. Up a small dihedral/slab.
Nedturen 3 Rock: Le cæur. Past big white spot, the best downclimb on the boulder.
Returruta 3 Rock: Le cæur. Also used for downclimbing, with a slightly awkward move at the bottom.
Venstresvaet 3 Rock: Le cæur. Starts approximately in the middle of the slab.
Halgeir Hjørnet n/a Rock: Groove Salad. Endless possibilities on the corner moving up left.
No Name n/a Rock: Ørnulf
No name n/a Rock: Ørnulf
Open project n/a Marius Martenson Rock: Snus