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Hurt so good sit-start 7C+ Rock: Vesle. Sit-start on obvious rail and into HSG stand-start
Hurt so good 7B Rock: Vesle. Start on sidepulls and reach upwards.
Skrømt 7B Rock: Vesle. Steep, varied and super-cool!
Crimpy Wonderwoman 7A Rock: Crimpy Wonderwoman. Just as wonderful as the woman in mind!
Gorilla 6B Rock: Vesle. Start standing high on a rock and reach for the edge, traverse footloose out right and mantle up.
Liten Stein 6B Rock: . Small rock with one good boulder problem.
Dumpa 6A Halgeir Nyheim Rock: Kurtisesteinen. Starts in the middle of the slab, thin moves on small edges.
Soft Grit 6A Rock: Soft Grit. One-move balance problem up the arête.
Quo Vadis 5+ Rock: Vesle. Up slab, high
Redd for tennene 5 Bettina Aasnæs Rock: Kurtisesteinen. On the iht side of the slab on the north face, straight up by a small edge.
Flørtepus 3 M. Sangvik Rock: Kurtisesteinen. Straight up the slab.
Kosekroken 3 Halgeir Nyheim Rock: Kurtisesteinen. Sitstart on the left side of the slab on the east face.
Love nest 3 Bettina Aasnæs Rock: Kurtisesteinen. Left edge of the slab on the north face.
Sengekanten 3 Halgeir Nyheim Rock: Kurtisesteinen. Climb the dihedral on the right side of the east face.