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Apartheid Sit 7B+ If you thought the stand-start was hard..
Rumpelstompel 7B+ A tad obscure, but nonetheless one of the best in the area.
Mandela-kanten 7A+ Rock: Mandela. Follow the corner to the top.
No Name 7A Rock: Jernteppet. Establish on edges, then follow the right arête.
Sjur A 7A Marius Martenson, Øystein Andresen Rock: Sjursteinen. Starts left, traverse right on crimps with a heelhool. Catch for upper slanting edge. Direct start: 6C, jump for the crimps..
Internasjonalen 6C+ Rock: 1'a Maj-stenen. Lie-down start on low ledge, exit left.
Snabelen 6C+ Rock: Elefantsteinen. Sitstart. Difficult crack climbing to the top edge.
46664 6C Rock: Mandela. Follow the edge to the left. Finish on slab.
Achtung, Baby! 6C Rock: Monstersteinen. Tops out to the right.
Elemantel 6C Rock: Elefantsteinen. Mantle to slopers.
Kjæææft'n 6B+ Marius Martenson Rock: Kjæft-steinen. Sitstart on the right end of the face, traversing left to mantle up the finish.
Lo 6B+ Rock: 1'a Maj-stenen. Lie-down start on low ledge, exit right.
No Name 6B+ Rock: Jernteppet. Nice slab.
Fjellbeck 6B Marius Martenson Rock: Fjellbekk. Sitstart in the water. Steep climbing on nice pockets. Finish left on the arête.
Himmelfall 6B Rock: Monstersteinen. Bold high problem on the southwest corner of the boulder.
Dr. Hook 6A+ Rock: Monstersteinen
Fracturalis 6A+ Rock: Monstersteinen
Gammel dansk 6A+ Øystein Andresen Rock: Fjellbekk
Gerhardsen 6A+ Rock: 1'a Maj-stenen. Standing start on corner. Follow crack right and up.
Høyre 6A+ Rock: 1'a Maj-stenen. Sitstart on corner, exit right.
Mojito 6A+ Marius Martenson Rock: Fjellbekk. Sitstart on the left side, traverse right on the edge. Nice finish.
Apartheid 6A Rock: Mandela. Weakly defined corner. Sitstart will be very hard!
Bad to the bone 6A Rock: Monstersteinen
Pass puppen 6A Rock: Elefantsteinen. Jump to the ledge and continue to the top.
Yngve 6A Rock: 1'a Maj-stenen. As "Valla", but low traverse.
Luxus leverpostei 5+ Marius Martenson Rock: Luksus. Same sitstart as "Luxusproblemet"; left hand finish.
Monstermandag 5+ Rock: Monstersteinen
Olsen-Svaet 5+ Rock: Monstersteinen. Without the edge and the crack.
Robin Island 5+ Rock: Mandela. Start on side pull, then up the slab.
Valla 5+ Rock: 1'a Maj-stenen. Sitstart, traverse along the upper lip. Exit on the corner.
Venstre 5+ Rock: 1'a Maj-stenen. Sitstart on corner, exit left.
Anklefucker 5 Rock: Monstersteinen
Elekanten 5 Rock: Elefantsteinen. Up along the rounded edge. Sitstart 6A.
Luxusproblemet 5 Marius Martenson Rock: Luksus. Sitstart, right hand finish.
Left flake 4+ Rock: Sjursteinen. Variant: Same start, traverse right, ending on right flake: 4.
Stairway to heaven 4+ Rock: Elefantsteinen
Edges 4 Rock: Sjursteinen
No name 4 Rock: Sjursteinen
Hjørnet 3 Rock: Sjursteinen